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Frequently Asked Questions for Family and Loved Ones 

How long will the patient be in detox?

Although the average stay for medically assisted detox is five days, it can be as short as a single day, depending on the individual.


When can my loved one call?

To maximize the care provided during the detox process, patients aren’t allowed to use the phone, except in extraordinary circumstances, for the first time days. Family members, however, can call our clinical staff to check on their loved ones and leave messages for them.


When can I visit?

In order to visit your loved one, participation in the Family Support Group is required. Family Support Groups/family therapy sessions will be set up by clinical staff.


Who can visit?

Visits are limited to two family members; friends, acquaintances and pets are not allowed.


Can I bring food during visitation?

Yes, as long as it’s sealed and purchased from a grocery or convenience store; home-cooked food or food from restaurants is not allowed.


Can I bring my loved one packages?

Yes, but all packages must be opened in front of staff members and arranged for ahead of time. No homemade baked goods or items in open containers are allowed, and no over-the-counter products containing alcohol will be allowed.


When will I be contacted about becoming a part of the recovery process?

You will receive a phone call from a Family Care specialist within the patient’s first 72 hours; during that time, you’ll complete a 30- to 45-minute questionnaire, and your first family therapy sessions may be within the first two weeks, depending on the individual needs of your loved one.


What can I do from home?

First and foremost, attend to self-care – take care of your personal needs and those of other family members. It’s difficult, sometimes, to see that addiction can be a family disease, meaning that the addict makes those around him or her sick as well – with stress, with worry, with fear, with anger. You can begin to address those feelings by attending Al-Anon meetings in your home area, or if you live in East Tennessee, Family Care Groups that meet regularly at Stepping Stone. Check the family packet for details on those groups, which are offered based on your loved one’s program level.


What Is Family Support Group?

The weekly family therapy sessions provide basic education on the disease concept of addiction, tips for self-care and an introduction to support systems for you and your loved one.


How many family members can attend Family Support Group?

Two individuals per family, excluding children; we want to keep the therapeutic group sizes manageable.


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