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Letter From Our CEO

When our founder, Bill Hood, opened Cornerstone of Recovery in 1989, there were several other drug and alcohol treatment centers in the East Tennessee area. His friends and acquaintances pointed to those competitors as a deterrent, chiding Bill’s determination as a pipe dream that didn’t make economic sense.

Almost 30 years later, Cornerstone of Recovery is still in existence. We’ve grown from 18 beds and 22 employees to more than 200 beds and employees. We’re one of the most respected substance abuse treatment facilities in the country, serving the needs of addicted patients from a number of industries and regions far beyond the boundaries of East Tennessee.

But we’ve always had a special place in our hearts for the men and women of the East Tennessee area who struggle with drugs and alcohol. We’ve watched as their options for help have dwindled — of those other treatment options when Cornerstone first started, none are left. At the same time, addiction is as prevalent as it ever was, and because of the rise of social media and around-the-clock news, the need for rehabilitation seems even more pressing.

Several years ago, we began to plan for a way to meet the needs of potential patients who don’t have commercial health insurance and whose financial situations don’t allow them to consider private-pay facilities like Cornerstone. Lower costs, however, often translate to lower quality of care, and we weren’t willing to sacrifice the time-tested methods of tradition and evidence-based treatment that have made Cornerstone so successful.

As a result, we’ve created Stepping Stone to Recovery, which provides high-quality, lower-cost drug and alcohol treatment services, as our founder envisioned us doing. Patients receive the same full continuum of care, from Medical Detox to Residential Inpatient to Intensive Outpatient, with counselors and clinicians who adhere to the original vision of our Cornerstone founder: that anyone can get clean and sober and stay that way, if they have the right tools and the right encouragement. Stepping Stone is working to get in network with all of the Managed Care Organizations for TennCare, the State of Tennessee’s version of Medicaid, in the area.

At Stepping Stone to Recovery, we believe that those who come to us for help often don’t want their lives back, because it’s often a life that’s marked by misery, degradation and destitution. A quick perusal of a newspaper or 5 minutes in front of a newscast is enough to demonstrate just how widespread addiction is and how devastating its effects are in our communities. In order to make a change in those communities, those who suffer need access to affordable treatment that gives them an opportunity to build a life they never imagined was possible.

That’s what we provide — a new way of life, built on a foundation of recovery, provided by individuals who keep the dream of our founder alive through the experience, strength and hope they have to share with our patients. It’s a renewal of the body, mind and spirit, one that we’re eager to share with those in our community who seek a way out of the darkness of addiction.


Steve McGrew

President and CEO



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