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Stepping Stone to Recovery relies on innovative and passionate employees dedicated to our goal of creating effective and affordable addiction rehab programs.

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment is not a one-size-fits-all product that will work for every person looking for help. We understand that each patient who walks through our doors needs help. We also understand that our patients’ needs and circumstances are unique. Knowing these things pushes us forward as one of the leaders in drug and alcohol treatment. Through our innovative addiction rehab services, we aspire to bring a life of sobriety to everyone.

The Stepping Stone

At Stepping Stone, we have created a strong foundation established from three simple principles. Advocacy, Consistency, and Transparency are the basis on which we built our success.


We advocate for our patients daily, working to get them the help they need by motivating them and their loved ones to act. We advocate with our third-party payors to make the highest quality of care affordable and available to anyone. We advocate for our employees, our peers, and our company. Our advocacy is crucial to the success of our outcomes.


Being consistent in all we do is going to ensure continued, predictable results. Our outcomes, programming, and care have been consistent, allowing us to maintain continued success. W also value consistency with how we treat, communicate, and motivate one another.


Being transparent allows us to maximize our collaboration. At Stepping Stone, we share our desired outcome for a project and all the parts involved so our team can better work together to solve anything. If we seek sustainable success, we must be transparent with everything we do.



Our clinical professionals are the core of our treatment process. We strive to assist them however we can so they can provide the best guidance and care for our addiction treatment facility. Our licensed counselors lay the path to sobriety for our patients throughout their recovery.


The detox and recovery process can be dangerous for people who try to do it without the help of medical professionals. Knowing this, we seek out the best medical staff to ensure that our patients feel safe on our campus.


Our support staff covers any additional needs to provide the best care possible for our patients. We rely on every support staff member, the cooks who create delectable meals in the kitchen, our Counselor Assistants, and Program Service Aides who guide patients through the rest of their treatment, and our care coordinators who act as our first point of contact when answering phones from our state-of-the-art call center.


We are constantly growing and require innovative individuals who are looking to grow alongside our corporate departments. Check out our job openings within our Sales, Marketing, Human Resources Departments, Finance, and Information Technologies (IT).

Featured Job Opportunities at Stepping Stone


Counselors assess our patients’ emotional, physical, and psychological health, guiding them in learning healthy coping skills, understanding the disease of addiction, and ultimately developing a recovery plan to prevent relapse. 

Current Counselor Openings

Nurses – NPs, RNs, & LPNs

Nurses at our residential addiction treatment facility play a vital part in a patient’s treatment, coordinating and delivering quality medical care in partnership with therapists and other medical providers. 

Current Nursing Opportunities

Care Coordinators

Our Care Coordinators are often the first voice a person hears when they seek help for their addiction. This specialized team answers crisis calls, completes consultations, and facilitates the admissions process with our campus.

Care Coordinator Opportunities








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