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Frequently Asked Questions 

Can my family visit me?

Family involvement in the recovery process is not only permitted; it’s encouraged. Visitation times will be established when patients are admitted, and family members are invited to take part in the therapeutic family groups that are a part of the Stepping Stone curriculum.

What is my day like?

The Stepping Stone journey truly begins after the detox process is complete for each patient, who is then integrated into the larger Stepping Stone community. Each day at Stepping Stone begins with breakfast followed by a morning gathering, which is a way for members of the community to center themselves, set goals and focus on the day ahead. Patients will then take part in a number of therapeutic activities specifically tailored for the individual, including group therapy, individual therapy and activity therapy.

Following lunch, patients participate in educational groups, experiential learning groups and relapse prevention groups. In the evening, after dinner, patients will attend recovery meetings and family therapy groups, and will be provided with time to work on individual assignments.

How long will I stay?

The length of stay is dependent on each individual’s insurance qualifications and private pay needs, but we assure you that when you leave Stepping Stone, you will be prepared to continue your recovery journey in a manner that ensures long-term sobriety, if you’re willing to use the tools we have to share with you.


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