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What To Bring

How do I pack?

Because of limited space, we ask that patients bring no more than two normal-sized pieces of luggage. All items will be removed and inspected individually by Stepping Stone staff members.

What clothes should I bring?

Comfortable clothes and shoes (T-shirts, jeans, sweats, khakis, etc.), and a set of loose-fitting and comfortable gym clothes for fitness activities. Each item of clothing will be inspected for appropriateness by Stepping Stone staff; items that advertise alcohol, reference drugs or make sexual innuendos will not be allowed. Washers and dryers are available to patients free of charge, and while we provide detergent, we ask that those who need special detergent for sensitive skin provide their own.

What documents do I need?

Your insurance card, prescription card and ID; Stepping Stone will need a copy of these upon arrival.

Can I bring medications?

Bring a 30-day supply of all medications currently prescribed and any over-the-counter medicines you are currently taking. All prescriptions must be in their original pharmacy bottles, and all medications will be turned over to nursing staff for evaluation and dispensation.

Can I smoke?

Stepping Stone permits the use of tobacco in designated areas outside of the building; you must bring your own cigarettes/snuff.

What else should I bring?

A backpack or book bag to carry books and personal belongings while on campus; a pillow, should you so desire (linens and towels will be provided); hair dryers are OK; clock radios that do not include a CD or tape player are permitted as well.

Do I need money? 

You’ll need very little personal spending money at Stepping Stone; we request that you have available funds for incidentals, and while here, you may wish to purchase sodas or snacks, personal hygiene items, tobacco products, etc.

What should I NOT bring?

Limit jewelry to what you wear daily and leave valuables at home. Also not permitted are items that will be confiscated appropriately if brought to Stepping Stone: cologne or perfume; mouthwash that contains alcohol; aerosol cans (hair spray in a pump container is allowed); any products containing alcohol as one of the top five ingredients (allowable forms include those found in conditioners, deodorants and lotions); any items that do not show proof of content on the label; reading material that is not spiritual or recovery-related in nature; condoms, sexual devices or enhancement medications; inappropriate pictures or pornography; drug or alcohol paraphernalia; electronic devices such as laptops, tablet computers, cell phones/smart phones, mp3 players, gaming devices, etc.; cameras; weapons of any kind.

Please be aware that Stepping Stone is not liable for any lost, broken or stolen items.



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